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Description (72 Words) - Chart FX OLAP is the most powerful, yet easy to integrate, .NET front-end OLAP for developers. Chart FX OLAP seamlessly integrates to Visual Studio .NET and provides the most advanced and intuitive user interface specifically built for OLAP pivoting, slicing and drilldown. Chart FX for OLAP supports ADO-MD and XML for Analysis for integration with major leading OLAP server vendors like Microsoft SQL Server® and Hyperion Essbase®.


Drag and Drop Editing

Grid FX allows the developer to intuitively grab, drag and rearrange grid elements right on the design surface. Gone are the days of working through abstract modal dialogs for design-time customization.

Ease of Use

Chart FX OLAP picks up the information about the hierarchical structure from virtually any OLAP server and presents the structure to the user in an intuitive way, enabling a broad range of users to slice and dice data to uncover interesting information. All this functionality is provided with little or no intervention from the developer, thus reducing development time and increasing customer satisfaction.

Color Persistence

Chart FX OLAP also introduces important analytic features such as its Color Persistence feature that force OLAP dimensions to have a particular and identifiable colors throughout the analysis process considerably improving the chart's readability. Also, you can simply drag a dimension displayed in the category axis on the chart to the legend portion to easily switch dimensions and add different views to the same OLAP cube.


Chart FX OLAP allows your Windows Forms and Web Forms applications to quickly and easily integrate OLAP-aware charts. Just use Visual Studio's Intellisense® technology to quickly customize and configure your charts by accessing Properties and Methods available to the chart object. If this is not enough, use Chart FX for .NET Resource Center to quickly and easily copy and paste C# or VB.NET code from hundreds of samples provided in this valuable resource.

Data Connectivity

Chart FX OLAP supports ADO-MD to connect natively to Microsoft's SQL Server Analysis Services. Similarly, by supporting XML for Analysis and its recent widespread adoption by most of the OLAP server market ensures that Chart FX OLAP can access other OLAP data sources from vendors such as Hyperion, SAS and Microstrategy.

Technical Overview

Operating System for Deployment
  • Windows 98
  • Windows NT 4.0
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP and above
  • .NET Framework Required
Architecture of Product
  • 32Bit
Component Type
  • .NET Assembly
Tool Type
  • Component
Compatible Containers
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and above

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