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Description (58 words): Chart FX's rich collection of powerful features visualize data in a much more effective and elegant manner than SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services' basic, built-in charting capabilities.

Chart FX for Reporting Services leverages the charting features from the award winning Chart FX charting engine. Plus it's just as easy to add this powerful technology to your reporting projects.


Chart Wizard

When you drop a chart in your report, a Smart Tag appears in the upper right-hand corner of the control. This allows you easy access to Chart FX's main features.

Data Wizard

Connecting and configuring your chart to your datasource is a snap with the Chart FX Data Wizard. Simply select your datasource and follow the simple instructions and your chart will adapt to the type and content of the data you provide.

Property Grid

Users can choose to manipulate their chart using the familiar Property Grid in the Reporting Services IDE.

Resource Center

Everything you need to know to create beautiful charts for your reports is contained in the elegant new Resource Center.

Comprehensive Support

Chart FX products are known for their high level of professional support and users have access to our comprehensive support site and a robust online community. You may also upgrade to professional, direct email and phone support.

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