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Short Description (69 words): DataParts for SharePoint 2007 is an exciting new family of Web Parts that enable you to add business intelligence, data visualization and analysis to your SharePoint Portals.

DataParts for SharePoint 2007 includes advanced lists, card views, charts, digital panels and radial, linear and horizontal gauge web parts that can be easily customized to make visualizing and analyzing your data remarkably easy, all with full integration within your SharePoint environment.


A new set of easy to use data visualization and analysis tools for SharePoint

DataParts includes a full set of building blocks that enable you to quickly develop and maintain dashboards with SharePoint that include dynamic, interactive data visualization and analysis capabilities, such as drill-down, filter, and sort through ready-to-use Web Parts including but not limited to charts, gauges, maps, card view lists, hierarchical lists, columnar lists, and much more.

Built with full integration in mind

DataParts is fully compatible with Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), and DataParts Web Parts have been integrated as native SharePoint web parts. IT staff can customize DataParts Web Parts to meet the specific needs of individuals in the organization without intervention from a developer. DataParts Web Parts have been exclusively architected with SharePoint integration and use in mind and the consolidation of personal, team, corporate, and external information with a single-click customization approach.

Make sense of your data

DataParts can draw information from multiple data sources and formats, combining complex information into a single SharePoint portal. DataParts provide a simple way for users to create complex query filters and data visualization scenarios to deliver specific views of data, enabling any SharePoint user to develop personalized role-based dashboards that meet individual, specific decision-making needs.

Easily customize your DataParts through the Tool Pane Wizard

DataParts lets users insert, modify and personalize any DataParts control's user interface (UI) directly from SharePoint's Tools Pane via a Tool Pane Wizard Technology where users can edit the appearance, layout, behavior, and other properties of the visible DataParts Web Parts intuitively and without a single line of code.

Intuitive, easy to use Web Parts

DataParts Web Parts have been carefully crafted with solid designs and user interfaces that conform to SharePoint standards. The secret to each DataParts control is the flexibility and simplicity of motifs, a set of complex visuals associated to each control like colors, user interface looks and interactions with other Web Parts in your SharePoint site, enabling users to automatically correspond to a highly professional corporate look and feel while preserving the usability of DataParts Web Parts.

Responsive user interfaces through the use of AJAX

DataParts Web Parts provide a fully AJAX-compatible engine allowing you to quickly create pages with sophisticated, responsive user interfaces and more efficient client-server communication. DataParts Web Parts simply become "updatable" regions of your SharePoint site with asynchronous server roundtrips. In addition, each DataParts control provides a beautifully designed and customizable AJAX interface that lets users sort, filter and analyze data without requiring .NET or ActiveX controls on your SharePoint site.

Browser independent HTML for easy deployment

DataParts conforms to SharePoint server architecture by creating browser independent HTML renderings from the results returned by the server, enabling users to universally view and interact with the resulting dashboard in a Web browser with minimal configuration and installation complexities.
Unlike SharePoint Dashboard support via Microsoft Office components that are designed with Client use in mind, DataParts is a truly web based and thin client solution that will help you reduce training, deployment and maintenance costs on your SharePoint implementation.

Built on award-winning technology

DataParts Web Parts are based on award winning and industry leading proven technology found in products like Chart FX, Grid FX and PowerGadgets that have been deployed by thousands of organizations worldwide and accessed by millions of end users in many different leading software products from a multitude of vendors and enterprise developers who use our technology to build software for many leading platforms such as ASP.NET, Windows Forms, Silverlight, WPF, COM and Java.

Stay tuned, more DataParts coming

DataParts is a suite with many other Web Parts currently under development. As new additional web parts are available, they will be added to the suite at no additional charge. This means that as the number of web parts included in DataParts grows so will the functionality and features provided to you through this new and exciting family of products.

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