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Short Description (85 words): The Virtual Training Center (VTC) for SharePoint 2007 is a complete set of over 100 expertly produced, self-paced tutorial modules designed to empower every user and maximize the value of every SharePoint feature.
VTC for SharePoint 2007 is the most effective way to train and assist the different roles in your SharePoint implementation. VTC for SharePoint 2007 is an affordable solution to your SharePoint training needs, as can be installed on your SharePoint server as a site and be shared among all your SharePoint users.


Easy to Install and share with your SharePoint users.

The VTC for SharePoint 2007 installs on the server as a SharePoint site, integrating seamlessly with your SharePoint environment and allowing access to all your SharePoint users from a single installation. As a secondary option, we offer a personal version of the VTC that runs locally, without the need for server access.

Highly integrated with your SharePoint environment.

The VTC for SharePoint 2007 is installed as a SharePoint site and is always available to your users. As an added bonus, full integration with your SharePoint environment means that your users won’t need training on how to use the training material. If they can navigate through SharePoint they can use the VTC for SharePoint 2007.

Non-monolithic content for easy access.

The VTC for SharePoint 2007 was designed as a wealth of over 100 short how-to videos that will teach how to benefit from SharePoint’s most interested features as well as troubleshoot important areas of your SharePoint implementation. You don’t have to spend hours watching a video, simply select a category and launch a video right on your SharePoint site.

Different Categorization modes to help you find what you need.

The VTC for SharePoint 2007 unique categorization modes allows you to quickly find the content you need without wasting your time searching through unrelated videos. Videos are organized by different categories through which you can browse to quickly find the answers you need. These categories include common SharePoint tasks, working with a particular content type, role based categorization, or solutions explorer. Depending on what problem you are looking to answer, you might find it easier to browse through the tasks or content type. If you’re looking for content related to your SharePoint role, you might find it easier to browse for content related to your user type. Or if you’re looking to get all the information available for a particular problem or project you want to implement, the Solutions Explorer will give you a list of step by step videos that tackle a specific solution.

Highest Quality Video Production.

The VTC for SharePoint 2007 video modules have been created with the highest standards in production quality. Unlike other training products, the videos are not mere screen cast with callouts, but rather engaging and highly professional videos that make the process of SharePoint training enjoyable and easy to understand.

Modular upgrades and additional content.

In addition to the comprehensive list of videos included in the VTC, we plan to release additional content to compliment and expand on the video library already offered with the VTC. The VTC for SharePoint 2007 is designed in such a way that future content can be easily added to your solution, without the need to replace or fully reinstall your solution every time new content becomes available.

VTC Versions

VTC for SharePoint 2007 is available in 2 versions: Personal and Server. Below you will find information related to each version to help you decide which version better suits your needs.

Personal VTC for SharePoint 2007

The Personal VTC for SharePoint is the solution for individuals who want to get access to SharePoint training without the need for multiple users in your organization to access the training modules directly through SharePoint. The Personal VTC installs locally on your computer, and is a stand-alone version of our training videos that does not require an active internet connection.

VTC for SharePoint 2007 Server

If your SharePoint training needs extend through your organization, and you need more than one person to access the SharePoint training modules, VTC for SharePoint 2007 Server is the solution for you. VTC for SharePoint 2007 Server installs on your SharePoint server and integrates directly into your SharePoint portals. It appears as a new SharePoint site tab in your SharePoint portal, easily accessible to all your SharePoint users.

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