Create and deliver mobile dashboards visually without a bit of code.

The PowerGadgets Mobile Creator is a Windows-based graphical environment that lets you create dashboards for desktop and mobile apps with graphical (charts, gauges and maps) and text objects that connect with data at real-time behind your corporate firewall.

PowerGadgets Mobile Creator comes loaded with a powerful set of components that will help you publish in no time. Discover some of its great components:



Allows to publish your dashboard and access other functional aspects of the PowerGadgets Mobile Creator via the PowerGadgets Menu bar.



You can add additional gadgets to the current slide as well as customize aesthetical and functional aspects of the currently selected gadget in the Layout area.


Wizards and Properties Pane

Configure virtually any setting in the currently selected gadget via graphical wizards or more granular property pages.


Dashboard Layout Area

Displays a currently selected device with actual screen resolution and lets you add and manage different gadgets to your dashboard.


Data Connection Wizard

Connect your currently selected gadget via graphical wizards that let you connect to most data sources behind your firewall.


Data Connection Pane

Displays the SQL statement or script for the currently selected gadget in the Dashboard Layout area.


Dashboard Listing Properties

Set the Category, Description and Icon describing your dashboard for automatic organization and easy identification from the mobile device.


Slide Pane

Dashboards can contain many pages called slides. Users can use touch gestures and/or keyboards to flip through dashboard pages without reloading new files.


Publish to Desktop or Mobile

PowerGadgets creation extends beyond the Windows desktop to easily create single or multi-screen dashboards for iOS and Android devices.

Power Gadgets Mobile Free Quickstart Guide

This Quick Guide along with the intuitive User Interface of the new Power Gadgets Mobile will get you started in no time! You will be publishing your dashboards a lot faster than you ever even thought possible! Download and print it here.

Download POWERGADGETS Creator 2.0 for free

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