Leverage Citrix XenApp and Citrix Receivers for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile.

Easily create, customize and access enterprise-grade dashboards

Citrix Ready

PowerGadgets Mobile leverages Citrix XenApp Server and Citrix Receivers for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile to let you easily create, customize and access enterprise-grade dashboards. By taking advantage of Citrix Receiver for Mobile Devices, PowerGadgets makes these business intelligence tools available to all supported phones without much effort on the user's side.


Extensive Mobile Device Support

With support for over 60 smart phone and devices, you can see what your dashboards will look like in any platform, any device. PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp's adaptive runtime engine optimizes the gadgets for the device it's rendered in. This means your dashboard will adapt to the device's UI and display region and integrate naturally with each device's environment.

PowerGadgets provides a powerful charting engine providing over 100 chart types and a wealth of aesthetic and functional features. A chart plots data in the form of series and points with each series containing one or more points.

PowerGadgets provides an out-gauge cmdlet to display single-variable data in radial, linear and digital-panel gauges. Single-variable analysis is very powerful when combined with PowerGadgets' flexible real-time capabilities.

No coding required!

PowerGadgets provides its own graphical design surface called the PowerGadgets Mobile Creator. This tool puts all of your gadget's properties at your fingertips to allow you to quickly design and build complex gadgets.


Mobilizing your dashboards is easier than ever with
PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp

Download and get ready to create your dashboards

First, download and install the PowerGadgets Mobile Creator, the Free tool that allows you to create and customize your dashboards.


Publish your dashboards

Once you've created your gadget or dashboard, simply publish your gadget application using Citrix Access Management Console and PowerGadgets Mobile Server component.

Consume your dashboards and data

Once your PowerGadgets Mobile application is properly deployed to your Citrix XenApp, your clients will be able to consume the gadget from any of the supported platforms and devices.


Power Gadgets Mobile Free Quickstart Guide

This Quick Guide along with the intuitive User Interface of the new Power Gadgets Mobile will get you started in no time! You will be publishing your dashboards a lot faster than you ever even thought possible! Download and print it here.


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